This London Based Artist Amazingly Portraits The Dark Reality Of Our Lives!


Art , the creative gift of our brains has been the picture of modulation and expression from our ancient nomads. It has been a favourite routine of our Mughal greats and supremacy wheel of colonial British.

It is a bliss of our artistic brain that breaks norms and paved ways for being crazy and unethical to our world. Steve Cutts , an artist based in London is a famous animator. He uses his powerful grip over the art to portrait the grief over the foolishness and sacrifice that our society is contributing to.

His illustrations express the pain , anger and mercy towards the machines building in our HUMAN WORLD. His illustrations are the only truth that we need to digest , because they are the art of another concerend Human

These are some of the best expression collected over from his site:

1.The Bloody Monday!!


Why do we hate to look at Mondays and smile to flip to Weekends.


2.The Mode- Our Selfistan

The addiction and tryst with selfies , linking our daily habits around these gadgets.

3.We are Branded … It’s through our Blood!!

Feed me , The evolution of mankind , lets don’t hope to see this.

4.The Actual Money Maker Machine…

If this machine is an invention to you , That’s good !! Because I feel this machine is an enlightenment of discovery.

5.My God , These Demonic Frogs…

Please don’t clean your lens ..if so . The word frog is just to simply the illustration , I was very familiar with the story of race frog and jealous frog ,wasn’t you? if not , It might have been an another animal.

6. Pokemon Go , Go Go GO!!!

This might be an illustration for the people obsession with the game.

 7.The Frustrated Machine..

Oh ….Why is this machine so frustrated? THE ONLY HUMAN AMONG MACHINES. Wrong placement.

8.The Cycle of B-C relation..

The cycle to study , Business to Consumer relation.


9. Leaders over top …Pheww


Hundreds of war …Thousands of nuclear deals , and These leaders fight for climate change.

10. Hold on ..Is it the Confirmed test?

We might have to find a dose , Our earth is tested and the result is shocking.

11. Accept it , Readers you might be this…!!




12.Rush Faster , This is the race …

Hello Children , Life is a race “Bhaago” ,Snatch it before some else does.!!


We have to give credit to his work for being a face of true Human , upon that it’s time to wake up. Wake up , arise don’t let this moment go? We are the ambassadors of this Earth!! Respect to Love.

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