The thrill is not just in being a woman, but being a woman in the right century.

And in this age and day there cannot be many women, who do not revel in their sheer femininity and absolute power. As we all know, femininity and power, far from being mutually exclusive, are two sides of the same coin.


She is the embodiment of creation; the divine, feminine, creative power. She is Power which is responsible not just for all creation but the agent of all change as well. I cannot believe any woman not feeling this great sense of empowerment and well-being that springs from within. The power to create, nurture and heal is a part of her very being. It endows her with unique abilities, positioning her as  the center of all existence and change around her. When Lord Byron wrote “She Walks in Beauty” I am sure he talked not just about the grace and deport of a woman but was able to pierce through to her very core, which provides the majestic aura she walks within. To me, every woman who is allowed to grow unfettered, exercising her free will is bound to walk in beauty ! 

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