Lucknow Metro fails miserably on it’s first day of operation!

One of the most modern metros of the country-The Lucknow metro which has been awarded for being built in the shortest time span seems to deliver a perfect example of a pun! let us see why-

On the very first day of its operation when it was open for public, due to several technical glitches, the air conditioners and the lights in one of the four-car metro rail went off, invoking a situation of utter panic amongst the 500 passengers on board. Since it was the very first day, it took a bit longer than usual to rectify the glitches and the metro had to be towed away by another metro. The passengers were allowed to let off the train from the emergency exits.While the metro ran seamlessly from Charbagh to Transport Nagar, it was the return line which was affected.

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Let us hope not to see such issues in the future! But today’s incident keeps one pondering over how long this so-

called one of the most modern metros of the country’ lasts for!

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