Look What Major Gaurav Arya Tells Gurmehar Kaur On ‘Pakistan Didn’t Kill Her Father’

Gurmeher Kaur lied about Father's martyrdom

The nation is yet again divided due to the ongoing conflict of thoughts in University of Delhi followed by political drama and violence. There are people who support Umar Khalid for his movement in JNU, and his so called ‘Freedom Of Speech’. Amidst of all this, Kargil War Martyr Capt. Mandeep Singh’s Daughter Gurmehar Kaur who happen to study Literature in Delhi University came forward to take a stand on the issue. She is not seen as a young bright student who has a view point. But she is seen as a Martyr’s daughter who tend to represent the whole Indian Army’s Point of View. She says, “Pakistan Didn’t Kill My Father. War did.”

However,  neither the Indian Army soldiers, nor their families support her. Instead, they hold extremely opposite view. Major Gaurav Arya has a message for the young girl. He also makes an important revelation about her Father’s martyrdom.

In a recent post of Indiatimes.com, Major Gaurav Arya writes,

“The normally peaceful Delhi University campus is currently witnessing calibrated and choreographed violence. It all started with Ramjas College, in its wisdom, inviting Umar Khalid to speak at a seminar. After objections, Umar Khalid’s invite was cancelled. Irrespective, violence broke out. Gurmehar Kaur, a student of Lady Sriram College (LSR), found herself in the middle of a firestorm. The distance between LSR and Ramjas is about 20 kms. LSR is part if the South Campus of Delhi University and Ramjas is part of the North Campus.

Ramjas College

Almost a year back, Gurmehar Kaur had released a video in which she said that her father Capt. Mandeep Singh was a Kargil martyr. She further believed that Pakistan did not kill her father, war did. After almost a year this video resurfaced, post her condemnation of what she said was ABVP sponsored violence. The trolls got to work. She was threatened with rape, and worse, and things got really ugly. 



Gurmehar Kaur



When people say, “rape needs to be condemned”, it is a weak person’s argument. People who threaten rape must face violence, preferably blessed by the state. They must feel fear. In my worldview, rape is just a notch below treason. The punishment for both must be the same. Mother India is a female form. You cannot disrespect women and be a patriot. Yes, it is as simple as that.

Ramjas College



I defend Gurmehar Kaur’s right to free speech. But I do not defend her half-truths. Her father, Capt. Mandeep Singh (Shaheed) was from 49 Air Defence Regiment, on a posting to 4 Rashtriya Rifles. He was posted in Kupwara Sector, which is approximately 260 kms from Kargil. The Kargil War started in May 1999 and ended in July 1999, when Pakistan Army was beaten back. Capt. Mandeep Singh was martyred in August 1999 in an anti-terror operation. 



Gurmeher Kaur lied about Father's martyrdom



Many people say that this information is not relevant. After all, a martyr is a martyr. They are wrong. Kargil was India’s first televised war, with cameras beaming images of booming Bofors and wounded soldiers right into our drawing rooms. The Kargil name evokes images of Indian soldiers charging into enemy fire. Capt. Manoj Pandey, Capt. Saurabh Kalia, Capt. Vikram Batra, Capt. Vijayant Thapar, Rifleman Sanjay Kumar, Grenadier Yogendra Yadav, Capt. Hanif Uddin, Major Padmapani Acharya; Kargil saw 527 Indian martyrs. These are burned into the collective memory of a nation. And a nation’s memory is not something to be trifled with.

Ramjas College


Gurmehar Kaur says Pakistan did not kill her father. War did. This argument is fallacious and misleading. In fact, it is no argument at all. Capt. Mandeep Singh did not pick up his gun and invade another country. He was martyred inside India. He did not go looking for violence. Like all soldiers, all he did was try to defend his country from a conflict manufactured by Pakistan.”

The revelation about the fact that her father did not attain martyrdom in Kargil War, but in an operation against terrorists, has not gone well on the girl. Although we believe that Martyrdom is Martyrdom, no matter what war or operation it is. But stating wrong facts is something not acceptable.


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