Has A Man Ever Wished He Was A Girl At Birth?

I hope u might have come across the picture which says “Sometimes, you just wish you were born a boy”. But rarely do we see the vice versa…


Head up high and she moves on there. Leaving behind her family and things she loves just for the sake of a man. Giving up on her dreams as moves for the sake of others. Yes, she is the one who lives for others. You might say that should be a nature of a woman. If she denies being then she is denied by a man.

Everyone must have come across the visionary of a girl wishing she would be a boy in one part of the horizon of her life. But rarely we see a result where a man wishing to be a woman. Here the question peeks into our mind “why doesn’t a man think that way?” It’s just because he never want to bear the pain as a woman who bears the pain throughout her life time scenario. The biological pain which cannot be shared with anyone.  This is the life of a woman. Pain and sustenance create a meaning of woman.

O men out in the world, you consider yourself stronger than a woman. But in reality, you are weak, weaker than the strength of the pile of grass. You have no rights to raise your eyebrow and ask how dare you?

In other words one simple question to you….
Can you bear the pain of the monthly cycle for 40-45 years?
Or can you feel at ease to cleanse the ultimate dirt when you have to clean up yourself?
Can you bear to carry a weighing life in your tummy and work for hours inside and outside the house?
Can you bear 20 bones fractured for few minutes?
And finally, can you bear to carry a steadily growing weight in your arms for three years and work?


While reading this, a few you might answer as yes I can. But not for all. The male is born to be a chauvinist in this modern society. If a girl wants to reach her dreams she is been thrown out by you and pushed to the ground as you have the power of domination within you. Being a man doesn’t make you stronger but weaker than a woman. It is because when your mother cries you can’t bear the pain.

The tear of a woman can break you down. In a snap, woman must be prouder than men as they are the building blocks of man. If you ever wish to have a rebirth wish you were a woman because she is the strongest of all the creations God has ever created. When born as a woman, they have the capacity to bear all the pains.

As psychology says, women have more coping capabilities, more intellectual capabilities, diligent multitasked, higher decision-making and problem-solving capacities than MEN.

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