Man, Where Is Your Lady? Why Do We Portray Women This Way? Think!

Today the scenario of South Indian media and films portray a great deal of thematic representation of love. The meaning of love is narrowed to that of a boy-girl relationship. That is what being labeled even in the minds of young children who are made to visualize in the television advertisements strongly.

Due to this the connotation of the word, love is strongly misunderstood even by our earlier generation, who now fear and sturdily repel from the basic idea of friendship with the opposite gender. This is the first fact which we see the media portraying the pure essence of love.

 Movies? Women? Man, where is your lady?

In most of the films (Kollywood), we can sense the songs or albums released portray meant to be the sufferer after a girl leaves him. The reason might be personal to standardize. But the actuality is, “is it the men only suffering? Due to the cause of love break up. Is he the only one expressing his voyage via drinking and smoking as well getting stoned? Whereas the women are shown rejoicing themselves in the same scene across the movie clip. This is an actual bullshit. I strongly disapprove myself of using such vocabulary.

In an instant, you might think what I am about to reveal the truth in this article here. Can we movies where the women are been destroyed by men in an emotional way. Leave apart the movies showing female insecurity of rape cases and domestic violence. These movies don’t hit up the screens much. If we see even if movies portray women being the emotional sufferers they are shown to be strong in just flips of a second. Where is the community seeing the depth of pain inside her? She can cope up is the only word spoken up.

If a girl has more than 2 male friends she is called a slut, bitch and what not? But if a boy has more he is known to be the star of hearts.

Women are just used as a play doll more badly than a plastic car which is used up profusely and thrown in a broken way. Slowly she heals up but the fact here I want to share is that (The second fact) it is shown almost everywhere starting from a normal Facebook, Hike or WhatsApp posts that women are the sole destroyer of a man’s happiness. If a man is married he loses his freedom, if he is in a relationship he has to spend so much money on her in both the cases men display they are literally a slave to women’s ideologies.

In fact, this is not the reality! Men have to touch their hearts and say that who is dominating who?

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