Mega To Mini : The Revolution Begins At You


The growing world is expanding its horizons that in turn trigger our conscience to explore the unexplored. During this travel of our journey, we need to simplify and de-clutter our possessions. In more simple terms- to own less during the time we are alive. The logic behind is that we aren’t and can’t take anything to the grave- but just a white cloth piece.

            The life-giving truth is that there is more joy to be found in owning less that we can even discover in pursuing more. This view can change the perception of our possessions forever. Buddha has explained this in simple terms’ “The root of suffering is attachment”. The concept behind this is simple attachment leads to expectation, expectation leads to disappointment which ultimately leads to depression and hence we suffer.

           Minimalism is a way to put a stop to the gluttony of the world around us. Excess of anything can become poisonous. Our globe is floating with the unwanted pride of all those accumulated stuff like in terms of material possessions. In order to pursue a lifestyle, we have to adopt the outlook of minimalist lifestyle- by focusing on what we need.

             The life changing benefits are enumerable when we reduce our possessions. Minimalism is a weapon- a strong tool that can assist in attaining freedom. Freedom from worry, fear, guilt, depression and lot more. Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you are restricted to several luxuries in the lifetime but a form of being choosing options in a concise and deliberate manner.

               Minimalism is a source to free our self from life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important. And the path to find happiness, contentment, and freedom. The first few steps habitually take radical changes in our frame of mind, actions, and habits. When de-cluttering our existence, happiness naturally occupies our inner conscience as we start to gravitate towards the things that matter most. We can ultimately arrive at the fact that fake promises in all the clutter, it’s like a broken shield against life’s true quintessence.

Minimalism will help us in the following ways too;

  • Eradicate Our Discontent

  • Less Fear of Breakdown

  • Salvage Our Time

  • Life Contentment

  • Chase Our Passions

  • Discover Our Missions

  • Inner Feel of True Freedom

  • Create More, Consume Less

  • Our Individualism Broadens

  • Contribute Beyond Ourselves

  • Deleting Our Self from Unwanted Possession

  • Determine the True Purpose of Existence

             This revolution from mega to mini can begin in this ultimate moment of living. When you see a mini creature you feel to adore it but when it comes to a mega creature you fear it. This can make you easily understand whether to choose a minimalist lifestyle or not. A simple way in our day to day life is to choose the priority of what we want from our mobile phone or desktop unused icons or apps.

              The simple example is of haiku it has 5/7/5 syllables but conveys what it wants to. But, the definition of minimalism is not hidden only in the YING AND YANG symbol but the way we are, what we inherit and what we are going to exhibit. The famous Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar gives his philosophical proverbs in just 2 lines with 7 words. The ultimate meaning gives a vast explanation.



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