Mother’s love never tasted so good until…Read if you ever felt this way

Mother's love

Mother’s love never tasted so good until…

Mother’s love
Mother’s love

Every time back at home she used to find faults in her cooking. Oh mom! This has less salt, it’s too crispy, and that’s so oily and tasteless. These comments echoed inside her ears now. Sitting in the Lunch hall in her hostel made a tear roll from her left eye. Yes that pain never subsided even till the last day she ate in her hostel mess.

Our favourite delicious dishes taste best only when mom bakes them. Some are born to criticize even if it is made with so much love and care. This will be realized when we start missing them tremendously. Mother is the person who puts equal portions of care and tenderness in what she cooks. The dish might not be great but the relishing love in it will make it great.

Mother’s love when Sick now in bed…

Mother is the one who stirs a dollop of comfort, garnishes it with her warmth and adds a generous dose of healthy ingredients. Wherever you go and whatever you eat will never be equal to its taste. The uniqueness in her finger tips makes the blunt dish into a favorite meal when you are sick. The exclusivity of the bed time soups is tremendously delicious when the tongues die during fever. Sickness teaches us more of her love.

Family time meals on the dining table being served. She enlightens every spoonful brims over with affection. Every cuisine designed and delivered with love so pure and a care too warm from her heart through her hand into us. A lady who is beautiful and blooms only during meal times, now made her realize.

Lying down in her bed, drip drops the tears into her left ear. Mother’s voice echoed come have your favorite snack. She was able to eat as much as she wanted. But now confined to one snack she was given. The coffee mug reflected how she shouted at her mother. Now, she realized things were late.

Mother's love
Mother’s love

Love of a mother is eternal indeed

She returned home after her 4 year journey to become a successful engineer. She fell in her mother’s feet crying to forgive her. This time she cooked and fed her mother. The tear drop sparkled with joy in both of their eyes.


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