To the mothers and sisters in our life!- From an Honest Man

All feminine characters affect we men right from our childhood, teens and finally in our youth in the most unexpected way!

Few days ago we had the happy bonding of Rakhshabandhan amidst fire-band feminists stating this as a subtle display of patriarchy, some people condemning Muslims of celebrating it with their Hindu brothers or sisters, and shits like that. Now, after my experience of being a son to an Indian mother, cousin brother to almost a dozen sisters and let’s say friend to a few girls (not because they friend-zoned me,) I feel that women influence our lives in any culture across all nations …… but they do so in the most vibrant manner in India!

First of all, Indian mothers can learn anything and everything if they feel that this would help her be more of a friend to her son (and daughters also…..but GUSTAKHI MAAF, let’s talk only about boys, today!):

So mothers will learn using FB, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp and eventually test your skill at responding to “Good Night”, “Good Morning” and “Good Evening“ messages! At times we get irritated, sometimes we ignore her beautiful HAPPY SUNDAY meme, but the underlining message is, we feel very proud of her because we know that being born in an era when people used to write inland letters, they have achieved tremendous skill change. As for me, the inland letter isn’t any cakewalk unlike her, and I believe for most of you the scenario is same.

They know that you are not all well! :

No matter how hard you try faking a cheerful smile, she gets can guess that you are hurt and maybe, crying for her hug. And isn’t it magical that every time she hugs you, suddenly all your worries vaporize (at least for a moment!) They are incredible at setting our mood right! Be it any length or breadth, they will do what it takes to cheer us up. I feel, mothers and our sisters, have a bit of sixth sense in understanding our emotions, or as my dear friend Sumit puts it, men are actually worse at hiding emotions in front of their mothers!

They too are protector and provider, and in the most astonishing way! :

Now this comes with the changing gender role dynamics but if you look carefully, has been a subtle truth across ages.

Last week, I happened to visit my city of pride, Kolkata and my elder cousin sister happened to be with me. The local rail network has a bunch of trains dedicated only for ladies known as “Matribhoomi Local”. It’s fairly easy to guess whose idea might be behind this concept of allowing twelve coaches to run between the peak hours of morning or evening rush, sparsely populated with only female passengers, while both men and women travelling through other trains continue to get grinded and powdered.

But anyway, that’s politics!

Now, she asks me to board the nearly vacant Ladies Special. “Arre’, I will tell GRP that you have asthmatic problem! Don’t worry….I‘m with you na! ” See the confidence in partnering the crime. Once when my father was out on an official tour, my mother single handedly hospitalized me and even arranged for the emergency shift doctor to arrive at the hospital. She did all this when my father was sleeping in Delhi, unaware. (Cellular Network was still a distant dream in UP then!) There are numerous such examples where we are grateful to you for playing the big brother role.

Our sisters too won’t tolerate a wrong person in our life! :  

We are fed on ample Bollywood masala where we see brothers protecting sisters from the wrong person, but the opposite is very much true as far as India is concerned. Once I casually told one of my cousin sisters that I have a crush her friend and that was the last time she ever took me out with her when she was hanging out with my crush. Her clear instruction was, “STAY OUT! She is a gold-digger!” They too are cautious about whom they find you hanging with. Though I haven’t actually heard off, but I guess there must be incidents in some of your life when your sister went with her gang and warned the girl you flirt with!

So, it’s basically a grace of god that we are bestowed with such loving and caring mothers and sisters in our life and, I believe we should treat someone’s mother or sister the way we expect others to treat ours!          

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