These 2 Mumbai based couples used their wedding as a stage to raise funds for NGOs

Bhavin Bhatt, a 28 year old designated as a senior consultant at an MNC,who gave an extraordinary story to the newspapers earlier this year. He had helped a paralysed stray drenched in the muddy rains of Mumbai on Manchubhai road and looked after him till he could walk again. He beat-the-drum on his wedding in an unheard yet fashionable way and raised a testament to his commitment to the cause, his wedding card had a welcoming clause,“We seek only your blessings for us. Else gift us only in cash payable at the NGO desk (set up at venue)”.

Bhavin got married his to fiancé Jahnavi last month. While all weddings look forward to having mouth-watering food, heavenly decorations and a perfectly lit stage, Bhavin asked Mumbai Animal Association(MAA) to set up a desk where people could be a part of the couple’s delight by donating to the cause of stray dogs.

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Bilal Babji, also hails from the city of dreams, has the same desire to turn his wedding into something meaningful than just a happy experience. Bilal had it chalked out differently. He had invitation forms which listed out
information about the NGO Datri which dealt with blood stem cell donation. Bilal’s NGO desk laid at his wedding asked its guests to register themselves as blood stem cell donors rather than donating money which
would be of great help for the patients diagnosed with blood cancer, Thalassemia, Aplastic Anemia and various other life threatening diseases. Bilal himself has been a support to the cause. Has been a blood donor since 2010.

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Speaking to DNA, Bilal said:

 “I follow certain Twitter handles to see who needs blood in Mumbai and the Navi Mumbai region. From other volunteers I learnt about blood stem cell donation and decided to make it a part of my wedding.”

He added that his fiance too appreciated the idea and happily agreed to make it a part of their wedding. It is not clear whether Datri’s donor base was increased by Bilal’s thoughtful gesture but it certainly uplifted the spirit. At Bhavin’s wedding, guests seemed to be more than eager to donate money for the welfare of stray dogs and praised the thought.

An elated Bhavin said,

 “My entire family appreciated the gesture and decided that even they would contribute. Some guests even told me that since it was a special gift they did not mind putting in more money as it was for a good cause.”

These two young hearts would become an inspiration beyond any doubt for the future generations to take responsibility of the problems of the helpless and to instill a selfless and supporting nature

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