The Myopic Mind Of Yours- Change Now!

Myopia is short-sightedness prevailing nowadays among everyone. This can be cured to a certain level but in other cases via surgeries. Hey! This article isn’t about the biology of the eye and the resulting myopic sight. Here I would like to talk about the myopic vision in terms of mental thought process. Still didn’t get my point?! Read ahead you will surely understand.


Today’s lifestyle makes people tedious to think of what to do next. Apart from saving money in the bank deposits, nothing else has been thought about. Just the fact of a big dream to be achieved and that will be planned later on. This procrastination leads to all sorts of delays in our victory. This is an undeniable fact. This myopic vision of our mind means to concentrate on the short term goals only that are far away by placing it right in front us. Confused?

So here I go, leave behind your dreadful past. No matter how many times you have fallen down. Only the lessons in the past are to be held and nothing more. Always keep the long distance to be focused on, no matter how much time it would take, travel it without fear. This will make you confident. I think you guys are not clear. In simple terms,

·         Don’t procrastinate to plan what you want ahead

·         Choose to take the lessons what your past taught you

·         Move towards your goal without shortcuts

·         Truth will help you but not all times


  • These are the magic mantras I follow in my life. Indeed I am successful whilst I have also fallen down and got hurt. These are the few aspects of myopic vision in life. When we tend not to procrastinate we tend to focus on our goals. The desire to achieve our goal will ultimately make us create short-term goals in order to achieve them.

  • In my case, I want to start my own NGO in future. So, the first step I have taken is to join an existing NGO to learn how to establish and work. If I had focused on money and not experience my long term goal will take more time to be achieved. The myopic vision should focus on the rich experience you want not on the rich profit. So the start-up step will be an intern option.

  • Ria is presently a public speaker. When she was young she was discouraged during her school times as she had sputtered speech. She took the lesson to prove herself in front of them and practiced patiently. Ultimately she kept winning in each of her attempts. Discouragement was her motivation.

    Hemanika was a wonderful dancer. But she envied Nazrin who danced well. She misinformed the date of the date competition to Nazrin thinking to win. In the end, when Nazrin arrived at the spot a spot dance competition was held and Nazrin won whereas being unaware Hemanika lost. Her shortcut to win in the mega event went in despair.

Life is uncertain but myopic vision will lead to perfect uncertainties. What’s in front of you now will not be near as you think. Just like the rear view mirror objects far away may seem to be near. When the driver drives he knows how to maintain the distance. In a similar way myopia will lead to narrowing of your mind’s vision. Start thinking broader and wider to catch hold of what you want.

Have a great day!
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