Mysterious Mind Plays- Things You Feel

Our mind is storage drive which never deletes anything so easily. Unless attacked by any damage occurring to the memory part. Since 3 idiots we all are well aware of terms like déjà vu and Jamais vu. Apart from this we have more tricks and treat our mind plays with us. Let’s have a look.



Déjà vu:

When you are in place that has some unfamiliar objects, but they are in a similar situation you have experienced before. At that point, you feel these things have happened before. But here your memory lacks to retrieve the situation. This is déjà vu.

For an instant, when you have a conversation with your mother on a particular topic and get the intuition she is getting angry. In the actual present situation, she is calm but things are familiar. Those intuitions are called déjà vu.
Jamais vu:

This phenomenon is completely opposite to the one explained above. A here you perceive a familiar situation like you are confronted for the first time. All the familiar objects and people become completely strange for a few minutes and then they turn back to normal. This happens to most of us. In midst of conversing with our friend or someone we know, all of a sudden we forget whom we are talking to. This is different from daydreaming. In some cases during telephonic conversations we ask what your name is.


Presque vu

This means almost seen. Presque vu is the deep and intense feeling Presque vu, being on the very brink of a powerful epiphany, insight, or revelation, without actually achieving the revelation. The feeling is often therefore associated with a frustrating, tantalizing sense of incompleteness or near-completeness. This can be associated with the tip of the tongue phenomenon.

This can be explained during our classes when we are taught something the tune of one song gets repeated in our head. At the same time, we strongly know the lyrics but hardly can recollect them. Memory plays with us but some essence makes us remember something and we are frustrated about what it is about.

Déjà entendu

Déjà entendu is the experience of feeling sure about having already heard something, even though the exact details are indecisive or perhaps was imagined. This can happen when we hear about an accident where the colour of the car dashed was told green but our mind already had fixated it was red.

Déjà vécu

Déjà vécu is a memory mis-attribution where one feels they have been through an experience and even remember details of what happened. Usually, we see the elderly people interfere saying they were present during the circumstance that happened before. In actual, they wouldn’t have been in that situation but still persisting they were there.


Memory attributions cannot be taken lightly into account. Some people believe that these are the attributions of God giving the intuition of good or bad happenings. Whereas other believes these are some things that had occurred in their previous birth. The psychologists are still analyzing and searching for the core reasons behind this.

As these memory attributions cannot be performed artificially through laboratory practices.

Whatever happens, happens at the will of God is what I believe in. What do you think?

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