New Zealand Is Giving You A Free Trip In Exchange Of A Job Interview!

What is Better Than A Free Trip to New Zealand? And on the top of it, You get a job too.

New Zealand, Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand, is hiring.

The tech industry in Wellington, New Zealand is hiring. The company is currently looking to recruit tech experts from around the world, and are offering a free trip to the country for anyone who can prove their merit. They are looking for 100 new software developers, creative directors, product managers, analysts, and digital strategists from round the globe.

In order to get more applications, the company is hosting a “global talent attraction programme.”

The city will  host 100 candidates for a free weeklong trip where techies can participate in job interviews and get to know New Zealand. The trip will include pre-arranged job interviews, meet-ups with others in the tech industry and trips around Wellington.

So, if you are a techie and interested to move to the beautiful city with a good job offer, here is the perfect opportunity. You can start by registering  online with LookSee Wellington and creating a profile. Then, tech firms from around the city will nominate their favorite candidates.At the end of the admission process, LookSee will choose the 100 most-nominated candidates and set them up with a weeklong trip to Wellington—complete with airfare and accommodations.

During the weeklong trip, candidates will be participating in job interviews with Wellington’s  leading tech firms., participate in meet-ups, and exploration around the city.

At the end of the week, companies will make job offers to their favorite candidates.

Interested Candidates have to apply by  March 20.

Interviews will take place in New Zealand from May 8 to 11.



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