The notable points of Sushma Swaraj’s speech at UNGA today!

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj today addressed the United Nations General Assembly today at 21:00 IST. In her speech she was very clear in firing wordshots at Pakistan. This was the longest part of her speech and was what everyone was strongly expecting from her after Pakistan alleged India for violating human rights on that very particular place. Another important point she mentioned was that of poverty in india. There were other issues that she addressed.

Missed her speech today at UNGA? Take a glimpse of it here!

1- She addressed the issue of poverty. She mentioned how the present government is trying to tackle the issue.

2- She put forward that their government is trying to empower the poor to overcome poverty.

3- She mentioned the names of the programs they have started for the purpose,e.g.Jandhan yojna,skill india etc. and their great acheievements.

4- She said that we, the indians have developed IITs,IIMs,AIIMS while the Pakistanis have developed an era of terrorism in the country and around the world.

5- She said that we have produced scholars, doctors, engineers, scientists and great achievers. But the pakistanis have produced Lakshar-e-Taiba,Jaish-e-Muhaammed.

6- She also suggested that every nation should accept one definition of terrorism so as to tackle the issue. “If the enemy isn’t defined how can we even think of fighting it?”

7- She mentioned that terrorsim is a threat to mankind;it’s a threat to humanity!

8- She also supported demonitisation of November,2016 by saying that it was a courageous move by our hon’ble PM Narendra Modi.

9- Nuclear proliferation is again threatning the mankind.

10- She said that underdeveloped nations need the help of the developed nations to achieve what the latter has achieved, thus insisting on global partnership.

11- Climate change is a issue that needs action,not talk.

12- She also insisted on ‘vasudeva kutambakum’ i.e., ‘one world, one family’,the basic Indian culture.

It’s very rare that such addressings are applauded in UNGA. But it was again this year that she was applauded for her oration. She had actually shown a mirror to Pakistan on an international platform.

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