An Open Letter To The Guys Who Don’t Understand The Purpose Of Make-Up

To every guy who has wondered about makeup or how a bold lipstick is supposed to be a turn on, the color is not for you.

Women have flaws. A girl always has an issue with her image, either the thigh is too big or the hair is too curly or the eye is too big or too small, she always has a flaw about herself. After a small period of wishing for it to magically go away, there are three states of accepting that imperfection.

1. Try to do something about it.
2. Try to hide it.
3. Hope that one person you care doesn’t see it.

Be it a pimple or a summer tan, at first, we try to fix it. There are an endless number of videos, posts, do-it-yourself for cosmetic care. If all that didn’t work, ask your mom, she’ll have her own facial recipe with gram flour. If you don’t want to believe me on the options, try switching on Tamil music channels around 1 p.m. All the mothers in the world will be giving their experiences, tips, and advice.

The shopping spree of girls is a universal issue. We go through so much trouble to find the right dress or the right make-up to highlight those features of us that we are proud of and more importantly, find that dress doesn’t explicitly show our flaw. Gaining that belly fat happened so quickly but reducing it is not so immediate. Until then, find that dress that flaunts without showing the extra fat. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of opinions, trials, and time to find that right dress. Just be patient with us.

Purpose Of Make-Up

And finally, I want to clear one thing for guys.

She is not doing all this for you.

There are a few girls who love attention but generally, we do not do all this for guys. Getting a new haircut or a pedicure is not for you. We know you don’t care to notice our painted nails. It is for us. All those things give us inner satisfaction, that no guy can give us. That eyeliner before leaving for work gives us confidence. Any attempt at caring for ourselves, successful or failed, makes us feel flattered. Sure, if you notice it and compliment on it, it feels better but you are not the sole reason.

When you are that guy for her, her crush, her boyfriend, her love, or her husband, she cares for your opinion. She wants you to notice the insignificant changes. That experience gave her pleasure and she wants to share it with you. That is all. She will tell you about her insecurities. When she does, make her feel those flaws are petty issues and she has nothing to worry about. She’ll love you more. Just remember, it is not for you to look at her, it is for the way she feels with it.

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