Pack Your Bag And Leave!

pack your bag and leave

People say, running away from the world is not going to help. But, trust me. Don’t be afraid to escape reality.

Look around you. Can you find humanity? No!!

Look above you. Can you see the stars? No!!

Look at yourself. Living a life of “lies”, all to get some “likes”.

Selfies wearing a mask of happiness. Travelling isn’t easy. I have to save money, I have to argue with my parents, I have to fight with myself in order to throw away my responsibilities and just leave.


A reason should be fuel to the fire, The fire which can brighten you or burn you.

Happiness, sadness, laughter, depression, joy, pleasure, smile, tears, loneliness, Love, breakup, lust, marriage, sex and YOU. Let these emotions make you run through forests, Swim in the oceans and ride in the mountains.

-Madhu Shudan

Passion makes you a traveler but Reason makes you a wanderer.

Inspiration means change, When you say “I am inspired by a book, song, Music, quote, people”, don’t stop with the emotional note. Just pack your bags and Leave! Trust me. Don’t be afraid to escape reality.

Author: Madhu Shudan
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