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E-platform for central government employees against sexual harassment at workplace.

Women and Child Ministry led by Maneka Gandhi, on 24th Jul, 2017, launched an online platform enabling female employees of the Central government to file sexual harassment at work place complaints online. The platform is called the ‘She-Box’ viz., (sexual harassment electronic box). The Union Minister, Maneka Gandhi said “We are going to soon conduct […]

That’s how media houses wrongly reported the bravery of Saleem who saved Amarnath Pilgrims!

‘Sheik Saleem and the passengers in his bus had a near-death experience while his bus was driving the Amarnath pilgrims from Baltal to Mir Bazar after a visit to the shrine when a horrific terror attack took place. Two terrorists on motorcycle carrying guns chased the bus and shot the windshield, tyres and other parts […]

The Local Government Has Refused To Help This Farmer Because Of A Bizzare Reason

Farming in india has become nothing but a business of loss. Farmers have gained nothing but just fake assurance from the country since ages. But they still manage to contribute the most towards the GDP. Despite an overwhelming amount of changes witnessed by the economy the small farmers in the country have had much to […]

While PM Modi Is Busy Making International Relations, Something Unacceptable Is Happening Withinn The Country

We must sure be happy with how PM Modi’s international visits have helped India strengthen its international ties. But how well have  the relations between different religious groups inside the country grown so far?  Hate crimes against Muslims, Dalits and marginalised sections have increased tremendously since Modi government came into power. Do many lives have […]

You Can Now Borrow A Human And Be Enlightened In Delhi’s First Human Library

Human Library In Delhi: The Human Library Delhi opened on 18th June in Connaught Place, where you can borrow your own ‘human book’ for 20 minutes. The Human Library movement was started in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2000 by Ronni Abergal in an attempt to embark upon social change and encourage conversations around the marginalised communities […]

Joginder From Haryana Is Doing Something Really Innovative In Rural Areas

‘Libraries are transformative places. A library can change entire communities for better’ says Joginder Rohilla, the founder and president of Sanskriti society. Sanskriti  is a non – profit organisation founded to make a difference in society. Their main aim is to provide quality education and open libraries in rural areas. Joginder is an engineer from […]

Ever Heard About Demolition Of Buildings To Create Forests?

Deforestation! The word which is like a lottery to the ones in property business and for us just just another reason to sigh, rant and do nothing about. But turns out there still is a ray hope for the trees. Seems like Chhattisgarh’s capital city Raipur, is taking the matter into its own hands. They’re […]

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