Passive Wi-Fi That Consumes 10,000 Times Less Power Than The Traditional Wi-Fi

Power consumption is the major issue which the world is facing. And the world has advanced more using the internet of things. And people prefer mostly the wireless fidelity called commonly as Wi-Fi. The traditional Wi-Fi consumes more power. So a team of Engineers from the university of  Washington, USA has created  a Wi-Fi system that uses 10,000 times less power than the traditional Wi-Fi. This new Wi-Fi system is named as Passive Wi-Fi which is capable of using with the current smartphones and routers. (Read their paper here)


In the traditional Wi-FI systems radios consume lot of power due to analog frequency (RF). To reduce the power consumption in the smartphones and all the digital devices, Passive Wi-Fi uses digital baseband. While the analog baseband are delegated for a single plugged-in device.

By using this passive Wi-Fi systems our smartphones can last for a long time. The team has achieved a download speed of 11 Mbps, which most of the LTE download speeds.

With this passive Wi-Fi systems even more new kinds of communications can be done. Which are not possible with the traditional wi-fi system due to power consumption issues. How ever the team is trying to improve the throughput.

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