While PM Modi Is Busy Making International Relations, Something Unacceptable Is Happening Withinn The Country

We must sure be happy with how PM Modi’s international visits have helped India strengthen its international ties. But how well have  the relations between different religious groups inside the country grown so far?  Hate crimes against Muslims, Dalits and marginalised sections have increased tremendously since Modi government came into power. Do many lives have bee put to stake in the name of banning cow slaughter.

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Thousands of people have came out on streets, braving the rains to protest against lynching of Muslims and Dalits. This came in after  16-year old Junaid was tabbed to death on June 22 on a train, which he had taken along woth his two brothers to go home and celebrate Eid with his family. Little did they knew that Junaid will lose his life over a quarrel with a group of passengers ober altercation of seats. Communal based pitched and they were called beef eaters.

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Few days later, a 100 men strong mob attacked a Muslim man on suspicion that he had slaughtered a cow.
In April, a Muslim farmer in Rajasthan was beaten to death after he purchased cow for milk. In May, two Muslim men in Assam were killed allegedly in the suspicion that they were staking cows.

There has been an escalation in cow-related acts of violence, with one survey calculating that 86% of the 28 people killed in such incidents were Muslims.

Holding playcards that read: “shed hate not blood”, “not in anyone’s name”, “break the silence”, “no place for islamophobia” and holding lynch map of India, thousands have came out trying to stop such communal violence.

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All this got started after a Facebook post by a filmmaker Saba Dewan against lynching of Junaid,  her post spawned a powerful online campaign. Protests were held in more than 12 major cities in India, including Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

The liberal voice needs to be heard by the government and action has to taken. International relations and development will do no good to our country if the citizens are not safe. Acche din ? Really ?

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