A Prisoner Of Education- A Dark Reality!

What is the worst punishment given to a criminal?

The death penalty has been abolished in most countries. The only other option is imprisonment.

They feed you. They give you a place to live. They give you work. There are other people like you. Then what makes it a hard place to be? Freedom. You aren’t free to do what you want. That is considered to be the highest level of punishment.


I went to Pondicherry last weekend and bought a book on Sri Aurobindo’s experience in prison. I haven’t read the book for a Schrodinger’s cat reason. When I started researching on the life of a prisoner, I realized it described a life of someone I knew, a student.


The schools are built upon one principle: to score well in 10th and 12th. The knowledge era teaches sacrifice early. Passion, dream and every other thing that makes you feel alive are replaced by tuitions, coaching centers, and entrance exams. All that makes you survive is “it will all be over soon”. Much to your despair, when you fail to land on one the top 5 colleges, you are doomed.

The rules and regulations put forward by these colleges are insane. They are ordered to follow a strict dress code. Parents are not allowed to visit the hostellers without prior information. Students are not allowed to leave the premises, be it a weekday or a weekend. There is a specific time for making phone calls. No electronic gadgets are allowed to be in possession. Cameras have been installed in the classrooms and corridors with several staffs to just monitor the attention of students. A girl/ guy so much as shifts his/her eyesight towards the other gender, he/she might become a “case”. A “case” is a black mark, where the parents are notified about the “unacceptable” behavior, sometimes even called to meet.┬áThese are from the rulebook of an esteemed college.

Dark Reality

When a frog is put in a pot of water with the water temperature rising gradually, the frog first tries to adjust. Failing to do so, it dies. Every hour, one student suicides in India. Kerala which has the highest literacy rate also has the highest suicide rate. This is not suicide, it is murder.

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