Should You Be Prudent Or Moral In The Race Of Life?


In a world which is race course, everyone tries to be the winner, each individual takes a different path. The distance is sometimes the same while at others there is a huge difference. Some take less time even for longer distances,while some take too long for a short distance to be accomplished.


This is due to the fact that everyone has its own way to reach the destination-good or bad. Some work hard and improve themselves to leave others behind. Some work hard, improve themselves but at the same time, they conspire against their competitors so as to pull them down and they themselves can go up. They do so with their caressing words and smiles.


And another type of people, who are sure that they can’t defeat others,do nothing but just pull you down. They think if i can’t do this, why should i stop myself from stopping others? Yes, some play the game fairly and others play to break the rules. There is no one to judge at the moment. It’s often too late when the unfair people pay the price for their deeds; till then the fair players get their hopes shattered with empty hands and no justice.

Everyone pays for his/her respective deeds-sooner or later. But we can’t wait for that day. What if everything is over by that time? The reason why fair players lose is that they trust people. They think everybody to be the way they themselves are.

So, what I mean to say is that should I wait for the judgement to come or should I just be a little careful in the race? The answer is, that I should be a little careful. And what I strongly feel like is that just don’t trust anybody in big decisions.

Trust yourself and be little prudent instead of being moral. Think what others benefit from whatever they say they are doing for you. And you’ll find yourself a little forward. But never ever try to conspire against anybody because you’ll eventually have to pay for it-sooner or later. Be prudent, be trustworthy and don’t trust blindly.

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