Psychological Prick To Trick In Team Work

 team work

A team is not where we are with our friends or like-minded people. But rather something even beyond it. On the contrary, it refers to a climatic condition where the teammates can exchange and ponder over meaningful ideas and thoughts as they work towards a common set of goals and no person feels defensive for stating his to clear his queries.

Importantly, psychological safety in a group implies viewing mistakes not as character flaws or indictments of incompetence but as part of learning process. The team must stand upon two pillars of mutual trust and mutual understanding giving respect to one another. If it is that way members are more comfortable in making errors, those errors are unconditional and not purposeful. Such type of errors makes humans co-exist with one another.

When the team members don’t belittle by one another, this will make the team more open to receiving constructive critiques rather than destructive ones. These criticisms in a positive way will build more self-esteem and balance the confidence levels. The team members can interrelate to each other’s drawbacks and build them successfully if they are the one in it.

For an efficient team work there need to be three C components which are Collaboration, communication, and coordination. Collaboration involves focusing on a common goal and hence also considering the perspective of team members. If any member of the team thinks he is greater than any of his colleagues surely the team will degrade. Everyone should have a balanced thought about being equal-minded in all aspects. Though not all may agree but this can create a solemn atmosphere where everyone is given a chance to express.

Secondly, every team member as said earlier must communicate with each other without feeling threatened. A “psychologically safe” team facilitates an open exchange of views. Finally, the team must coordinate with each other so as to fit the goal perfectly like in a jigsaw puzzle.

One must not wear a mask of being reserved kind in the team.

Everyone must feel free to mingle on the other hand this will make a rise of close bonds. One mustn’t feel inferior but be confident that any personal problems shouldn’t be judgemental but only empathetic in nature. A team works well only if all members are allowed to have their contribution, either less or more doesn’t matter. In addition, tasks and goals should be well-defined and clearly communicated so that everyone lies on the same page.

The real factor lies when the team gets hit by an obstacle, individuals must be comfortable airing their views. If one person is slacking off, the others must be able to sort out the problem and find out why the target isn’t being reached. Finally, it would be a good idea for teams to introspect to make sure that they have the ingredients required to work synergistically.

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