Railways to install CCTV Cameras At Stations under Nirbhaya fund. Will it reduce rapes ?

Railways to install CCTV cameras at stations under Nirbhaya fund. Will it reduce rapes ?

In 2013, the central government announced the ‘Nirbhaya fund’ worth rs 10 billion, in the union budget. It was expected to support initiatives from NGOs working towards safety of women and towards protecting their dignity.
And now the fund  is being utilised and that too for what ? Installing 19,000 hd CCTV cameras at nearly 983 railway stations.

This fund is directed towards protecting women and reducing crimes related to their safety. And installing cameras, to catch the criminals is the best way to do it, right ?

It is helping us in a great way. The signboard reading ‘You are under watch‘ has a preventive effect on criminal minds,” the official said.

Yes, it might make them think that, they can get caught if they try assaulting women at railway stations. Yes! just ‘railway stations’ what about the rest of the city? and the little girls who get assaulted by her own family members? and the women that get assaulted and beaten by their own husbands inside their own roofs?¬† And besides that, railway stations should have cameras to reduce all sorts of mischievous activities that take place there. And it shouldn’t be financed under the Nirbhaya fund.

CCTV Cameras at stations

Rather, shouldn’t they put up projectors at stations using that money and show awareness video’s ? So that the crime doesn’t even takes place at first.

Education has the power to change a man completely, why not use that and change the mindset of people who still believe that by raping women they’re showing them their right place in the society.Letting them know, that obtaining consent of a women is important before even thinking about touching her.

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