Rape Convict After 10 Years Prison Period Sexually Assaults and Murders a Minor in U.P.

 This news piece is 3 months old.  The reality of those people suffering must be reminded over and over again. Girls are a builder basements to this globe. Spread awareness.




rape convict: victim
Rape convict: victim


Behind the curtains

A rape convict, who was set free from prison after his 10-year captivity almost two years ago. He purportedly raped and murdered a minor girl in Jaitpura police station surrounding in Varanasi district.  This incident happened on November 26 and the convict was arrested on Tuesday on the trials of inquiry collected during the investigation.

The crook was Pappu Gupta (30). During the cross-examination, he stated that he had raped the girl (who was recently married). He murdered her as she had given a statement against him during his last case.


The immediate reaction

As far concerning the complaint filed, the girl’s mother had sent her to buy ‘paan’ from the nearby market on the morning of the murder i.e., on November 26. The girl hadn’t returned even after an hour. This made her mother along with the relatives started looking out. By evening when they did not find her, they filed a missing complaint in the police station by evening.

The mother told the police that Pappu had visited her shop when her daughter left to market as well he left immediately after her daughter.The police had the doubt and enquired the same night but he denied.  On November 27, they found the missing girl’s body down the road in Kerakat area.


The unexpected spot scene: rape convict

The throat of the girl was cut and abandoned on the road side. When the police recovered the body, police did a check on Pappu’s mobile’s location on November 26. Ramesh Yadav, SHO of the Jaitpura police station reported this.

SSP, Varanasi-Jaunpur Road reported, in the meantime, they also went through the CCTV footage from petrol pump along the Varanasi-Jaunpur Road and got to know he was in the queue with his scooter in the Kerakat area.

The SSP also said the accused has been detained. He was detained on charges of kidnapping, rape, and murder of the minor girl under POCSO Act.


Confession of the crook

SHO Ramesh Yadav reported that Pappu had confessed that he followed the girl. While the girl was heading he offered her lift so as to drop her by the market. When she agreed he eluded her outside the city and found an isolated place and parked his scooter. He hauled the girl into the bushes where he raped and strangulated her. He slit her throat with the knife to make sure she was dead.

For more: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/uttar-pradesh-freed-after-10-years-rape-convict-sexually-assaults-kills-minor4403968/

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