How I Realised I Wanted To Be A Teacher

A single person can inspire you, to do things, you never thought you would actually ever do. When in school, we had this thing called – Each One Teach One. What we had to do was, per student was given a person from working staff, someone who was unable to read or write. So we had to teach them. And the challenging part was, it was completely our responsibility to frame the syllabus for our student. The school gave us only a guide line, on what our syllabus should be. Every single day, when the entire school attended the assembly, the volunteers of “each one teach one” had to take their classes.

A  test was conducted at the end of the given schedule, and the student with the highest marks would receive ranks. This used to be the most awaited moment for us, volunteers. It felt like our hard work was going to be assessed. When for the first time, my student ranked second in the class. And he (the driver uncle of our school bus) came to me, with the brightest smile i had ever seen on his face, thanking me. I can honestly say, was the moment i actually realized, that yes i want to be a teacher. 


This entire episode, with the driver uncle, taught me that not everyone is lucky enough to get education. I was in class 9th then, couldn’t do much. But now as a graduate, when i can, i want to do, things i have always wanted to. I belong a to a family where most of my relatives are from teaching background. And hence i have seen it closely, the fact that we read in newspapers and hear it from others.

 “A single matchstick is enough to light a candle”

Today most of the people want to get jobs in government schools, because it offers a really good pay. But they are ready to bribe the authorities to be posted in the city, if not then at least nearby. I have seen teachers, who rarely go to school, except for the days on which inspection is done. No one seems to take responsibility, for the poor kids, the village children who have dreams like any other city kid. It upsets me. These entire scenarios where people are selfish enough to jeopardize the life of innocent little kids. This is the biggest reason, i want to teach, the not so well-off section of the society. Every single child who wants to study deserves a teacher who wishes to study.  I want to be that Teacher.

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