This Dad Teaches The World, The Right Parenting- THE REAL WAY TO RAISE BOYS!

We live in a society where birth of a male child is cherished, while birth of a girl child is considered as some bad news. Either, the female fetus is killed or if, she somehow manages to take birth, she is always treated as a second class citizen. She is taught how to talk, how to walk, and every damn thing.

While on the other side, boys are not being taught anything. And if they are taught, it is all about, how they should behave like men.

Mard ko dard nhi hota (Men don’t feel pain)’;

Men don’t cry

The parenting has been wrong for both the genders since forever.
However, a man on Facebook page Humans of Bombay teaches the whole world, the right parenting- The real way to raise boys. He says,

“When we had our son, a lot of people congratulated my wife saying, ‘you can relax now…you have a son in the house’ and my wife and I laughed at their mentality but realized that this is how people still think. I was overjoyed that I had a son, but I knew I wanted to raise him right.

It’s okay if he cries and if he shows his emotions — my wife and I are constantly telling him that crying doesn’t make him any less of a man. We teach him to respect girls as equals and even in little things like a game of football or cricket to not make fun of them — that’s where it all begins.


Right Parenting



Just the other day at the park, they were playing football and right before this small girl was about to kick the ball, a boy shouted — ‘don’t kick like a girl…we’ll lose’ and everyone began to laugh. That small girl looked so shaken, but before anyone could say anything my son went upto her and said, ‘kick like a girl…that’s how we’ll show them how to win!’ and I promise you, that girl was beaming — she played like a real rockstar.

As a father, I felt proud because the boys we raise today are the men of tomorrow. Everyday we hear things about women empowerment and feminism but I’m trying to teach my son that women don’t need to be empowered— they already are. By trying to empower them, we’re proving that they’re weaker and need us to help them. Truth is, women are ready to rule the world as is…all they need is the world to be fair to them — to give them the respect they deserve…whether it’s at home, at work or out on the streets.” 

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