Living righteously in this unrighteous world? How will be righteous possess over unrighteous way?


Live righteously to the commitment of your only one life

The simplest definition of righteousness can be to live morally correct while choosing right from wrong. We don’t exactly know the world we live righteous or unrighteous it all depends upon our mind, how we perceive it matters a lot. Righteous-unrighteous?

One should have the right conscience to choose the right and to lead his life on the righteous path with true faith. As true faith is directly proportionate to good character and that is the intrinsic meaning of righteousness. In this busy moving world, we are all committed to something. Be it our family, society, job and elsewhere. So it may not be easy for us to choose the right always.


We all face difficulty in taking wise decisions because of the ultra-interconnected world we live in. Rejoicing on immoral things has become more common. We the young people are addicted to those. Things like watching romance scenes on screen, reading lustful articles or books, drinking alcoholic drinks etc calling them the enjoyment and relaxation of mind. And hereby living immorally that gives temporary happiness.

Take a moment to think, what’s the achievement behind this? Pleasure for that instant is what we gain. Long term happiness will never be derived. Any person who does wrong things is unhappy within. You call it diversion or distraction that can’t be justified. Wrong is always wrong even if the whole civilization does it.

When we go astray our conscience will prick us, haunt us to revert ourselves. That is the human nature. If there are no such pricks and haunts then surely you are good with your


way. Here is a small poetry was written by my friend and me.


If you are on the path that leads you to smoothly pave your way then surely you will be happy despite all the troubles and turbulences in life. You will have the adversity to remain calm and peaceful because of the conviction that you had done something good and striving for the goodness.

Life only once doesn’t mean you can rejoice whichever way you want. Think morally and strive righteously. bad experiences teach you lessons but good things give you the warmth of happiness.

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