Watch Shabana Azmi’s Sonata- A Psychological Exploration of 3 Unmarried Women

Filmmaker Aparna Sen’s Sonata is a psychological exploration of three unmarried women – Professor Aruna Chaturvedi (Aparna Sen), banker Dolon Sen (Shabana Azmi) and journalist Subhadra Parekh (Lilette Dubey).


Watch the first trailer of ‘Sonata’ as it is liberating, philosophical, poetic, thus exploring modern-day woman’s psychology.

The film is based on the play by the same name by Mahesh Elkunchwar.

This is the story of 3 Unmarried Women  who face complexities and isolation in the backdrop of a modern-day life.

They realise,

“What awful creatures we are – no commitment, no aim, no ideology, We are not even feminists.”


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