They say, “she is not perfect.” Not the one they want. Not the one who withstands their level. Yes ! She is not what they think her to be. She wonders how do they judge her so easily. When of course they are nothing much but themselves imperfect, flawed, substandard, second rated and below par. Well, it is facile to raise a finger on her, just because she is a girl. Or because she is a part of a society which is suppressed by males. Well these stuffs baffle her and create a major upheaval in her mind.

She ponders every night that has the aunt who lives the next door ever leered her daughter for wearing short and skinny dresses?

Has the uncle who is drinking tequila shots in the bustling bar never seen a girl like he ogles those bars dancers who are helpless and financially unstable?

Have the bystanders never seen a beautiful woman in a saree?

Why don’t men get themselves locked in a room late at night and what not?

street-harassment        She is not perfect

There are myriads of unsecured questions wading in the river of her feminist brain. They say it’s India and such things are common but she opposes that it’s not the country which is demeaning but its unscrupulous and sordid citizens who need to change their psychology and mental attitudes. Why to blame a developing country when its citizens are savagely violent? Well these things are out of human reach. 

What she wants from you is not a baronial castle or branded clothes but much respect, consideration and esteem. The way you think of your mother, sister, wife and daughter is simply what you need to reciprocate to her. Being friend zoned or boyfriend zoned doesn’t makes you less man but what actually fulfills your responsibility is when you care and honor her with your heart and soul.

Don’t ever forget that what goes around comes around. The way you treat her will eventually come back to go someday. You think that she wants you to keep an eye on her every instant. NO ! She isn’t demanding that. Instead she wants you to stop noticing her and stop drooling over as if she is a statue in a museum for you to stare at. Let her be independent and self-sufficient.

Stop being so brutal that she cannot step out of her home after the sweltering day turns into a fresh night. Stop telling your wife not to work late at night or your daughter to stop enjoying the night life. If you want something to be stopped then stop the harassment and molestation by changing your thoughts and beliefs.

Graduating from Harvard and Oxford and other top notch universities doesn’t truly entitles you as a literate person but what makes you educated is when you develop positive perceptions and have a broad mindset to look at different facets of situations.


Why do you think that the crop tops and shorts and those deep neck one pieces are worn to provoke men?

No, she doesn’t dress up for you to stare at her lasciviously. She dresses up for herself. Yes ! She is decked up beautifully because she adores herself and her body makes her self obsessed.

She carries equal right to freedom as you carry. So you don’t have the power to curb her liberty. Judging her the way she walks, talks, parties, dresses, etc. is not your right instead it is your irrationality. So all I ask from you on her behalf is not much but a transformation of your concepts and to let her be a free bird in this unrealistic world where she can live her life with peace and happiness.

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