When I kick inside your womb just to augur that I am starving

Starving like a black skinned kid somewhere far away in Nigeria

I know it hurts you so much

You wail hysterically in the nook of your room

Thinking about the abortion and foeticide and miscarriage if only you could at the age of 18

I know of the affliction and twinge you undergo just to bring me forth in this dreadful world.

Dear mommy,

I know nothing about the times when you were just 17

The age when you should have been attending your college, you attended those remorseless devils

Devil 1 was your own boyfriend who thought himself to be the source of all powers

Devil 2 was his friend whose penis was his only strength

Devil 3 was his peer whose beard and manly personality reminded him of his existence

And the 4th devil was his beau who was so sure of his tiny tadpole-like sperms.


Dear mommy,

I know you don’t want to remember the first time your boyfriend groped your breasts and vigorously stripped you off your innocence

Later his friend cuddled you and passed you on to his peer who kissed you passionately 

Then you were passed on to his beau who plunged inside you and together they scoffed at your status.


Dear mommy,

I know you bawled at such a commiserable plight

When those inhuman demons stood there and deride at that sight

They kicked you aside forgetting little that you are just another tide

Who will fall and rise in the name of her life.


Dear mommy,

I really don’t know who is actually my dad

But definitely someone evil who could not withstand your level

You are such a dauntless hero I could ever call for

So my beloved please don’t kill me in the societal term mentioned as the “daughter of whore.”

Dear mommy,

They say that your short dress provoked them in that birthday party

Party which should have been full of jolly

Was nothing much but an act of sheer folly


I hope someday they will realize that the western culture does not give them the right to stare at your body

Body with a beautiful figure is not meant for them to be called ‘bomb’ or ‘pataka’

But the body is created with its own uniqueness which has nothing to do with ‘dhamaka’ 

A body with breasts 36, waist 32 and butts 34 is not meant for them to stare at

But this silhouette is created to accomplish its own purpose.

Dear mommy,

Hear my shouts from within 

Can you hear me?

Can you?

Please don’t kill me ! Please don’t !

Someday when I will enter into this world 

I promise to stand by your side 

And shine like a sunlight that falls on my skin with the tinge of dazzling yellow like it never did before

So mommy ! Pardon me and let me enter into this world

Where I can prove to be your another colorful bird.

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