The Snoopy Subway Surfer- Life To Game?

Subway surfer


The runaway game from the beast behind us where we are risking our self not to dash over the trains. The subway surfer. Pretty much every individual has the experience of playing this game. This is another sort of addiction where we tend to donate much of our time in terms of relaxation. The blame is not playing the game or paving our time through this. The risk is that of our lives becoming similar to this.

Similar? Yes. Here I give the links for a better understanding. A lifestyle change has brought tremendous effects in humans. Being a busy bird and no time is the only option we survive upon. This business has turned man onto machined life. His monotonous lifestyle can be described in two categories. On weekdays he is busy earning and on weekends partying, shopping and house cleaning.

In subway surfer, whichever character you choose runs ahead without turning back. The beast chases him/her until he/she gets caught. The beast in our real life is the time we spend on worldly aspirations. That is the character runs to earn coins to achieve the missions. Similarly, we are running behind money to get whatever we desire. The trains are the big problems which we escape from whereas the barriers and bushes are small ones we escape through just by overlooking. Every time we dodge them we are piling up scores and coins. This is the urban lifestyle of most people.


The story doesn’t end here, the missions are our small milestones and the awards our achievements. Has anyone ever gave thought running and running where there is no end but piling up of money and desires will lead us anywhere good? Yes on the way you are even securing yourself with hover boards and boosters but are those temporary escarpments enough to survive life?

Coming to the characters they are around 16 characters in the game.  Sometimes every time limited version to be achieved with strenuous hard work in the particular time period. Comparing that to us we have changing attitudes according to our mood as it swings from person to person. Sometimes we suffer from our own mania of multi-personality disorder within us.

Don’t stop here. For, the main scene is yet to come. The scores while competing in the top run we are competing with people in the world to climb the highest mountain of gold we ever have. In another way, we are competing with our own friends and family to strive and excel in every way we can. Love and compassion for one another are lost. We turn ourselves into solitary and snoopy in sovereign solitude. May we become financially sound and be happy with our own family of husband-wife-children but somewhere and sometimes we aren’t realizing we are losing something in life.

Stop competing and start collaborating for compassionate culture. Only cowards run behind money to be happy but the clever ones stay happy with whatever they have. Take a mug of coffee and ponder.



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