Sony’s New 4K TV Launched In India Is Thinner Than iPhone

Sony India has launched  4K and UHD range Android smart LED TV. The company has up with the world’s thinnest Sony 4K LED TV (4.9mm thin)  will be available in market in some time.

The new model in the range from 43 inches to 75 inches and 5 new series are available with the 13 model, whose initial cost is Rs. 69,900. Sony Android TV Android 5.0 runs on Google’s official presenting system and TV apps are available on Google Play Store. It was launched in India, which is the first Android TV Smart TV. In addition, Sony’s Google TV features such as the Google Play Store, Worldwide search and Google will also cast and also provide connectivity with other smart accessories. With this in Sony BRAVIA TV via the Smartphone app will also get notifications.

The TV is just 4.9mm thin and it’s thinner than Sony Xperia Z3 Smartphone and iPhone 6. Sony TV 55 and 65 will offer variants of this range. The first time it was introduced at CES 2015 Los Vegas.


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