SC puts an end to Triple Talaq. Here’s the verdict!

The supreme court has finally given a verdict on the Triple Talaq case which was pending since months. After hearing the arguments of both sides, the SC finally announced the  verdict in favour of Muslim women and called for a ban on the The Islamic practice of giving divorce to their wife by just uttering ‘Talaq’ thrice. This practise has been embroiled into controversies from quite some time now. The supreme court has given its verdict at 10:30 AM on 22 August 2017 and the practise has been made illegal. 

The verdict was given by five senior most judges who called triple talaq “bad in law” and said: “We hope the legislature will consider and take into account Muslim Personal Law while making legislation. All parties must keep their politics away and decide this.”

Till now, Triple Talaq was legal for Muslims according to our constitution, but recently many cases were reported by Muslim women where they were divorced simply on Skype and whatsapp. The women  then approached the court to put an end to this practice.

In case you missed out to updates on the case, read it in simple 9 points!

1- Supreme court has reviewed this Islamic Practice and has given vedict on it.  Balaji Srinivasan, a lawyer for Shayara Bano whose husband split from her by writing Talaq” three times on a piece of paper, said  “We told the court that the practice has no basis in the law or in the Quran.”

2- The verdict was given out at 10:30 AM on Aug 22, 2017. The panel consisted of 5 judges from different faith: – Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism, in order to avoid any biasness.

3- Arguments of the case were last made in May 2017, and the verdict was awaited.

4- This case was much controversial because India allows religious Institutions to look into personal matters like Marriage, divorce and property inheritance. And therefore, triple talaq was also a legal practice. 

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5- The Muslim women who suffered filed petitions to put an end to this practise. Fortunately, they were backed by PM  Narendra Modi who declared this practise to be unconstitutional, and demeaning for women. 

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6- India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), a non-governmental body which looks upon Muslim personal law has always opposed the ban on triple talaq. They argue that this is a religious matter and courts must not interfere.

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7- Some Islamic scholars say that there is no mention of triple talaq in the Quran, and therefore is should be banned.

8- Muslim men had been excessively misusing this Islamic practice, by divorcing their wife over skype or whatsapp while residing in a distant city or country, thus leaving their family at their own misery. Women were the ones who extremely suffered. However, they decided to suffer no more and raised their voice against it.

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9- The practice has been barred for six months by the Supreme Court until parliament brings law.

Well, that’s a huge win for the Miluslim women of our country!

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