SYRIA-O-SYRIA- Why Do You Bleed?


Dear Syria why do you bleed?

Brothers are fighting with each other without any thoughts and needs

Citizens who are bound in captivation for so many years

Are engaged in the bars of suppression with those shrieks and tears

No debates and agitation regarding democracy worked so far

And still I see Assad and his government ruling Syria without any cages and bars

I can see the citizens of Aleppo crying and wailing

Clamoring over the injustice and oppression which is there prevailing

I read about the civil war being fought between the government troops and the rebels

Those fighting with each other with explosive bombs and boulders and pebbles

I see those innocent citizens beings deprived of justice and democracy

But just forgot they live in a country which follows the rule of autocracy.


Pernicious intentions of Syrian government were clear

Which says to hell with civilization

To hell with peace and security

To hell with spirituality

And, to hell with emotional ties

And to hell with those innocent human pies

Today all I can do is write this poem

And express my feelings of benevolence and warmth

If only you and me could obliterate those diabolic acts

Acts which are so inhuman and not at all compact

What I read this morning was that Aleppo was merged in a blood pool

Where gunshots and bomb blasts were just another tools

Where the mortal creatures started to evacuate from the city

Now the city which was cold blooded and no more a subject of pity.


I see my neighbouring brothers and sisters

Clinging on to social media for immortality

Seeking help and aid from neighbouring countries

And prayers sent in Arabic and English will never fade

But now I found another cry of hope

As an angel is born in the midst of war

Amidst such destruction she shall grow

Demanding for the security of her sis and bro

I sympathize and weep at such a terrible plight

Where people are dying and there is no end of this blooded sight

When they have this one life which is filled with beaming and luminous light
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