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Read the story of a timid woman from growing up in a conservative family to gaining her own voice!

Gender disparities have always been imminent in our society. The birth of a girl child is considered to be a curse while the the birth of a boy is cherished. It is considered that males can achieve great heights in society because they possess the quality and power of achieving what they want. On the […]

This Woman’s Journey Of Breaking The Stereotypes Will Inspire You To The Core!

We have read enough articles on how important gender equality is. However, we share an inpiring real life story of a woman who proved the society wrong. It is the journey of a woman who broke all Stereotypes in the context that a woman can not have a career after marriage or after having kids. […]

This Dad Teaches The World, The Right Parenting- THE REAL WAY TO RAISE BOYS!

We live in a society where birth of a male child is cherished, while birth of a girl child is considered as some bad news. Either, the female fetus is killed or if, she somehow manages to take birth, she is always treated as a second class citizen. She is taught how to talk, how […]