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ICJ Verdict In Kulbhushan Jadhav’s Case, Rules In favor Of India!

Ring of Turmoil  Khulbhusan Sudhir Jadhav is an Indian national arrested in Baluchistan, Pakistan, for the charges of terrorism and spying for India’s Intelligence agency with a motive of destabilising the country. The Pakistani government claims that he is a serving commander in the Indian Navy who was involved in insurgent activities inside Pakistan, and […]

Akshay Kumar Launches Bharat Ke Veer For Families Of Martyrs

About 3 Months back, Popular Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar conceived the idea to give real time help to the families of our martyrs because Actions are more appreciable and benefecial rather than words. The idea was about giving financial help to the families of brave martyrs of India. He discussed the idea with Union home ministry officials, […]

Are We Happy?

‘How are you?’ The most common question one asks! The most common answer to the question goes, ‘I’m well!’ But is this what the truth is? You might be thinking it is but the fact is that we aren’t! According to the latest UN World Happiness Report, Indians acquire a quite low ranking in terms […]

The Courage Of Bold Tamilians Made The Whole Nation Turn Back…

bold Tamilians

The peaceful agitation against the Jallikattu ban turned violent on Monday with more than 50 protesters and more than 90 police personnel injured and a Police Station set on fire. Bold Tamilians indeed. The courage of bold Tamilians made the whole nation turn back… Courage is defined as poise under pressure. The barrage the people […]