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This Security Guard Has Written Over 4000 Letters To The Families Of Martyrs

The flashing news of demise of our soldiers while serving the country conjures a million emotions in our hearts. We tend to showcase our confined anger by tweeting, texting and hashtagging. We somehow impel to drain them in the rainbow of our thoughts. Then, we very quickly go back to living our normal lives normally, […]

ICJ Verdict In Kulbhushan Jadhav’s Case, Rules In favor Of India!

Ring of Turmoil  Khulbhusan Sudhir Jadhav is an Indian national arrested in Baluchistan, Pakistan, for the charges of terrorism and spying for India’s Intelligence agency with a motive of destabilising the country. The Pakistani government claims that he is a serving commander in the Indian Navy who was involved in insurgent activities inside Pakistan, and […]