Teenagers are taking their lives for this new social media game

The rapidly increasing social phenomenon has granted us access to an online community, the ability to instantly connect with people from all over the world. We are aware of the existence of cyber bullying, but the internet has a side even darker, which can be the most devastating. We think we know what evil the children can face, turns out we have no idea. Very recently, the Blue Whale Challenge has been in lime light of India media, for the first time.
Manpreet Sanha, a 14-year-old boy, from Mumbai, lost his life to this horrific game.
Yes, they call it a ‘game’.
Blue Whale Challenge is a social media phenomenon said to have originated in Russia. Philipp Budeikin, a psychology student claimed that he invented the game.
Budeikin, who was thrown out of his university, said he was attempting to weed out the society by encouraging those who have no value to take their lives. A Siberian court sentenced the 22-year-old Russian creator of the game to three years in jail for inciting Russian youths to kill themselves. This game manipulates people’s mind with pessimism, hate, unhappiness, depression and tiredness. The rules keep people away from love and support, and drain mental and physical force from one’s body.
The game gives players a series of 50 quests. In the 50 days of a gamer’s play, one is taken through horrific tasks, which include self-harming, watching horror movies and waking up at unusual hours. The challenges gradually get more extreme after every stage. Later they start to get more complicated and disturbing. In a few of the challenges you are forced to cut yourself—carving a specific number and, later, a blue whale image into your skin using a knife. The gamer’s have to send proof after the completion of every task, in the form of photos/videos, to their respective curator.
The mystery surrounding the Blue Whale Challenge is deep. Some claimed that it is an application-based shadowy suicide challenge game that hacks into users’ phone and cannot be deleted. Others believe it is an online social media group, which simply pushes people to kill themselves. The thing is, you can’t back out. This game is an app that, once downloaded, hacks your phone and steals tons of sensitive information. If you ever try to quit the game, it will tell you that you’re not allowed to stop or your family will be killed or other terrible things.
Their main targets are the teens between the age of 12-16. We can’t change the thinking of each and every individual around the world. The least that can be done to avoid this, is to talk to teenagers, and let them know how devastating internet can be.
Don’t let teens fall into prey for such horrific and disturbing things. Don’t let anyone waste their  life for the entertainment of sadistic losers in life who just want to make people masochist for their own pleasure.
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