The Ban Culture: Something To Think Upon!

BANS have continued to be the most controversial topic for debate over the past 3-4 years. It’s something that’s been happening for decades now, may be even centuries and we’ve been acting like it’s something new we’ve been introduced to and hence, the name ‘BAN Culture’. We should be vigilant about the new one’s but let’s just not act all bolt from the blue. And trust me, We’re the ones responsible for it. We’re the one’s building up to it since decades, and that too for everything and literally anything. From meat to films, documentaries, cartelization of homes, alcohol, speeches and what not.

The prohibition is done in the name of ‘public-morality’, still its maintenance often depends on contributions of private institutions. However, we live in a country where people sitting in power in the name of ‘representatives of the public’ have complete power to declare anything immoral or illegal. For instance, the recent Beef Ban is a law reflecting high moral standards but it was criticised as a tough and bad law by the majority. A law whose enforcement has harmful effects in other areas of social life, is likely to defeat its own aims and eventually bring itself into contempt. If a system of rules is to be imposed by force on any, there must be a sufficient number who accept it voluntarily.

Reasonable restrictions have been imposed to the freedom of speech and expression, but don’t our politicians themselves contradict. We don’t have restrictions for the most stupidest things said by them like: Chowmein causes rape, Cow meat should be looked up as wife and Goat meat as sister, women wearing lipsticks are same as terrorists, and the list goes on. Not asking to ban such statements, shouldn’t we just allow people to express their views in any possible way, for real. Banning won’t let us know what’s n the mind of people who need to be governed and the one’s who are responsible for governing us. The day when we will be able to speak anything publicly with absolutely no  fear of consequence of arrest, then only it will become possible for us to know what’s worthy and what’s not. When good things will be said, the bar for smartness will be known and in case of the bad ones, what has to be fixed.


It would be wrong to deny, that law will lose its essence, if it isn’t backed up by certain degree of morality. But banning stuff  simply means that we don’t understand freedom, we don’t acknowledge that if someone chooses to live differently its absolutely okay. And besides, its 2017! we can’t sustain anything in the era of internet and information. Banning doesn’t work, instead it makes the problem worse. People will find a way to do everything they will be abstained from doing. For instance, many states have been declared dry states, but are we sure that alcohol isn’t consumed there ? and marijuana ? And if people are told not to do something they’ll instead take it as a challenge and do it in any way possible, that’s 2017.

We gotta stop being responsible for letting other people decide what we are not allowed to do, before the day comes when the situation is uncontrollable and all that could be possible then will be just shrugging hands and living with imposed bans on every other thing. And considering the current scenario of our country, the day isn’t too far.

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