The trial run of pink line of Delhi metro has begun,know why is it special!

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India is approaching the new era of transportation and we are glad about it! The Delhiites are keenly looking forward to the commencement of the new pink line. And the thing which is so special about it is automated driving i.e. the Delhiites are getting driveless metros on this line and the trials have already begun. Also this is the longest line ever built by DMRC for delhi metro after the blue line covering an enormous 59km, thus adding up to a total of 218km. The corridor consists of 38 stations from Majlis Park to Shiv Vihar, both in North Delhi, but corridor passing through South Delhi as well. Thus, it will roughly be U shaped line. It is a part of Phase3 of Delhi metro. This would be the first line to get this feature. This is indeed a great move.


The path for the trial will be South Campus near Dhaula Kuan and Majilis park. Driverless metros doesn’t mean that the metros will not have drivers but it’s just that the role of the driver will be minimized. So it’s rather correct to call the trains automated than to call them driverless.

The corridor is likely to be available for public use by  January 2018 tentatively. The trains on this line are claimed to be having an operational speed of 85kmph with a maximum of 95kmph. DMRC has equipped with Unattended Train Operation (UTO) and CBTC (Communication Based Train Control) signaling systems.


It has interchange stations with all other lines of the metro.  The Pink Line will have highest point of Delhi Metro at Dhaula Kuan with a height of 23.6 metres, passing over the Dhaula Kuan grade separator flyovers and the Airport Express Line. This line will connect north and west Delhi with south and east Delhi. But about 4km is stuck over land acquisition and rehabilitation of affected people in east Delhi’s Trilokpuri and thus will operate in two segments.


source of information and images:wikipedia and chandigarh metro.

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