Two things you might not be knowing about your android phone!

  1. It comes with a preinstalled game:-
    Yes you heard it right, it has a preinstalled game in its memory which many of us don’t know about. Ok it’s not at all like those ‘Asphalt’ and ‘Clash of Clans’ but it’s addicting and could be very challenging. It’s a good passtime and could be engaging as well. Do try it for a change! All you need to do is go to the settings and rest in this YouTube video.


  2. You need not download every app from playstore or any other app store:-Though it’s the best and the safest option to download apps and games from playstore but at times you need to switch to another option. Downloading another appstore is a good option. But it ends up taking more space in your phone along with what google playstore takes. A better alternative for this is to search for an apk file of the app on the internet and download it. When you try opening the file, it says that your phone settings have restricted you from installing apps from unknown sources. You can always turn on that setting in security menu.1f1455df-fd55-4afe-9ff7-a8ca59c71e4e
  3. After enabling installation from unknown sources, when you again try opening that apk file it asks you to install the file and shows the permissions it requires. Going further this way as according to the phone’s instructions, you will be able to install an app in minutes. And the best part is you end up having a backup of the setup of that app. So if you accidentally uninstall the app, you can always install it from there without any requirement of internet connection(internet connection is app specific; all apps are installed without an internet connection but some apps may require an inteenet connection to set up what you need within an app.)
    Apk files are similar to the setups you use on windows platform to install various softwares. it’s just that the platforms and file extensions are different; the process is almost the same.

Now you know the little secrets and tricks about your android phone, go and give them a try; you’d love them.

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