This Dussehra let’s do these things instead of burning the Ravana!

DussehraDussehra, the festival of victory of good over evil, is celebrated these days by burning the effigy of the evil ruler Ravana. The story goes like that there once existed a evil ruler, Ravana, who kidnapped the wife of Lord Ram, when the couple were on 14 years of exile. Lord Ram along with his brother,Lakshman began the rescue operation of Sita,Ram’s wife and the duo was later accompanied with the ‘Vanar Sena’. It was the day of Dussehra when Lord Ram and his team defeated the evil king and rescued his wife. This day began to be celebrated as Dussehra. And the trend goes like burning the effigy of Ravana this day, and the ritual symbolises overcoming our evils.

There are certainly no big issues over this ritual, but there are certain things that should be taken into notice before doing this. Rather than carrying forward this ritual, this year let us do  something different that sets an example.

Do you know, for making enormous effigies of the Ravana,people spend huge amounts of money. So, spending money for a thing that is eventually going to be burnt, turned into ash and then blown, does it actually make any sense setting our money on flames like this when there are other important things that need to be implemented?

Instead of burning the Ravana by doing it in the name that we are burning our evils, rather from now on, we should actually do what we have been pretending from years. Yes, you got it right, let us remove the evil from ourselves and from the society by actually working on it.  There are evils that are ever present inside us but never show up nor do we realise their prominence. These actually are the evils that need to be removed. Do these things the every possible day rather than doing it only on this day.

Let us see what could be some of the ways-

  • Help that child on the roadside who begs for his life;help him financially;teach him;educate him;instil in huim good values and you certainly will help remove one criminal from the society.
  • Never ignore a woman being eve-teased,harassed,molested or raped. Help her fight him;put him behind the bars. Not only you save that woman, but all those women who that man would have harassed. You stop that man from turning evil at that instant only.
  • Stand for all those weaker people who cannot fight against those who dominate and manipulate them. You help that person gain confidence in him and shatter the increasing ego of those who think that they can never be defeated.
  • Stop every person you find littering around. Dirtier the environment you live in, the evil your thoughts turn.
  • Be the last straw to the person you know sufferring from extreme depression. He might actually be dangerous. Not only can he dare to take away his own life but can be sometimes a threat to someone else’s life,might be somebody who has led him into that phase.
  • Never judge or accuse anybody of false things according to the hearsays. Restrict yourselves making fun of others in a way that might hurt anybody. The more a person is hurt, more does he possess the probability of taking evil paths.


  • Never look down upon somebody or somebody’s plan that you believe are vain. They might actually be something unique and innovative. Besides, behaving this way can destroy one’s belief in himself and his self confidence; he might actually think himself as vain and never use his mind for an innovative idea. After all, an idle mind is devil’s workshop.
  • Help that person dying in a road accident, fighting between his life and death on the road. He might actually be of great help for the society as he is for his family.

So, let us take a pledge to remove evils from us in this way and any other possible way but restrict ourseleves from burning the Ravana. Let’s save our money and time and rather spend it in making this world a better place. Let’s make this our lifestyle, it just takes 90 days. May be there will be some day when evil might not be as prominent as it is now. Let’s attempt to bring this day nearer to us.


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