The series of life circumstances are already pre planned by God is what everyone believes other than that of the atheist. In few circumstances, some people lose hopes of how to move forward in handling the events taking place in life. In simple terms, I say it all lays on the way you posses the way you produce your thoughts. The thought production plays an important way of how we handle our thoughts and the way we produce our thoughts through the language we speak. Speaking is a gift of God to all the human beings.


Whenever you speak, gather those words against you first. This is the first step. While gathering the words against you, you will understand whether they are worth to be spat out. The production of thoughts against our self helps us to define the way we think about others and our self.

This kind of producing thoughts against us before we speak builds confidence in our character to speak in an even way. This, in turn, gives a perfect balance of how we pursue to think. In psychology, the main aspects of decision-making and problem-solving techniques are taught first. This ensures the psychology students or professionals to have an adequate understanding of the concept of the life situations and then move ahead. This method is not applicable to the counselors or such professionals but to all humans.


We must have heard a saying, there is the huge difference between “Being Human” and “Human Being”. Yes, the difference is the way we produce our thoughts. If we persist on thinking positive aspects, we will be able to handle even the negative aspects of life in a positive manner. In other case if you being a negative thinker and want positive things to happen, it won’t. As the mind won’t be ready to accept things readily for any change in an instant, it needs patience and practice.

How to get hold of this patience and practice will be the question arising in your mind right now. The simple answer is to read, read and read. You can read anything you wish but ensure you read something every now and then. This is because when you read your THOUGHTS SPEAK TO YOU. And that thought which speaks to you is the voice of your mind.


The voice of your mind results from the voice of your speech, this will help in having a proper contact communication network. The base is easily understood here. The correct people around you, the correct thoughts reverberate in you.

So in this stage, you turn out to be your own leader. As a leader, you don’t need to know everything but know how things are to be done. Isn’t that enough to move on with your life in any sort of situation?

Once I heard a speaker saying, he didn’t know how to speak Hindi and was stuck in middle of chaos in Mumbai with his Hindi speaking friends. They challenged him to get a fried chicken without any actions but to speak and buy it. So his instant thoughts worked this way; “Andey ka mathajee fry”.

He absorbed and observed the happenings with his colleagues every time. As they used these words “Ande ka funda” (Fun with egg) when they had parties together.

To come up in life first one should sit down to perceive patience and practice to pursue his thoughts. This is basic of how the thought production will be attained.

Happy thought production!

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