Time for the calming breeze in your own alcove…

portraying aclove

The alcove is a small area which is kind of like a room in sense of open space. It can be used as a storage area, or for bedding, bookshelf or any such purposes. Our own alcove is a positive reverberation inside our own homes.

Sleeping aclove
Sleeping alcove


If you research over the internet, alcove is an architectural explanation for having a calming sensation inside your home. Alcoves are structurally designed according to personal tastes of people. The interior decoration plays a vast role in calming the person mindset. Often people with financial stability would their own rooms or spend time and money to explore things to soothe their minds.

The middle class, we can’t spend much on such things but can create something we wish to. I will encourage for DIYs. Yes, the alcove DIY. If you are an ardent reader or an ardent achiever who wants to portray your happiness. This alcove can be used for such purposes.

An alcove to calm you?

The question will sprout in your mind, we can nail any such frames of achievement of bookcases anywhere around the house. Yes, I agree but they do calm you down. How will you feel if you find all your happiness in one place? The dull mood in you will sprout to a vibrant joy.

I got this idea from my friend Seyesha*. An Italian by growth and Indian by birth. Once I visited her home, she took me to her alcove. Her

portraying aclove
portraying alcove

the alcove wasn’t much decorative rather it portrayed the life journey of her. The travelogue experiences in cute picture frames beneath a bookshelf. Her trophies and medals in another shelf, along with some other poetry posters. Those posters told the untold story of her journey. The third was frames and models of random art crafts she designed herself with a bookcase beneath. I couldn’t move from there.


She told me home is home but to make your home your heaven you must create your own peace. And this is my peace. She explained further, when I feel down in any aspect I come here read and sometimes redesign the poetry poster writing new poetry. Here I feel confident and have a calming effect I have come so far and I can go any distance that is farther than the farthest of all the rest.

Old times teach us about alcoves

This was my first experience which taught rather than imagining and boosting yourself in our own mind why don’t we portray things in front of us?

Clove to stare by window
Clove to stare by window


In olden days you see the use of the alcove in similar ways. Usually, if you visit any old architecture homes. The alcoves would have a bay window with the good amount of sunlight and a rocking chair or sofa where the grannies or grandpas sit to rejoice.

If you tend to visit any historical monument or palaces, you will surely find an alcove of painted portrayal. Sometimes some people even tend to use an alcove as a prayer area. This also causes a positive effect on your psychological health.

The days spent near the fire is also an alcove. The warmth and the nature inside the house…

If you think of building a home then do plan it to build an alcove. The internet is a storehouse of ideas. Just google “Alcove décor ideas”.



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