To The Only LOVE I’ve Ever Known.

Dear MAA !
There is something my heart compelled me to write today
I am sorry
I am sorry I didn’t tell you the truth
I am sorry for being a rogue of our house
I am sorry I always argued with you
I am sorry for the lies I’ve always told
I am sorry for not being so bold
I am sorry for hushing up my ex boyfriend’s matter
I am sorry for not telling you about what all did I chatter.
Mother's Love
Dear MAA !
You have no idea how much your call at 2:53 am petrified me
Yes, I was panic-stricken to see MAA calling late at night
But still I said “haan ji Maa” with a quivering voice
And hearing your low voice filled with briny wails gutted me pretty badly
I felt like adrenaline flew over my veins like a carp through the river
Where glossy sweat drops dripped down my back
And my lips barely twitched.
Trust me !
Your 5 heart-warming words bursted me into tears
“I miss you mera baccha” is still echoing in my ears
That 21 minutes 17 seconds call is the new wallpaper of my phone
Where last night I just didn’t hear your voice but your emotional tone
You wished I could have been at home on this holi
And helped you in all the preparations with happiness and jolly
But I am again sorry Maa
I am sorry I couldn’t come home surprising you with those shopping bags
I am sorry for making you feel derelicted on this colourful festival
I am sorry for breaking my promise of never letting you cry
And I am sorry I couldn’t turn up home even after giving it a try.
19 years of my life were never so daunting
But 13.03.2017 is the date I’ll definitely never be haunting
Today I realize how far away I am from home
This 943 kms is a distance like Paris from Rome
Maa I hope this Holi wasn’t that bad for you
Like it was for me with no me and you
I am sorry Maa
I couldn’t come home
But I promise to make you grin forever from this city which is no less than Rome.
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