Just pronounce the word colorful and ask you friend to lip read you. Shocked? It just seems telling “I love you”. Check out life in different angles. Every angle will give you new perspective to view life. Every time are you the person saying “I am bored”,“I don’t find life interesting”. Well if it is so? The answer lies within you to make it more exciting. Just turn around and look there is a lot more interesting to explore around. Take a new path, a new way to define you.


Sort out your priorities, accordingly design your world. We ourselves are the architecture of our lives. Like a sculpture is designed so carefully by the stone cutter. Similarly you ought to carve your mould of your future. Each and every step should carry variety and that variety should lead you to victory. Victory doesn’t mean achieving a trophy and saying I won. Victory is inner satisfaction and inner peace been derived from our own self.

Just imagine a situation where you are late to the meeting in your office. On the way you see a beautiful pink rose fallen down. You are in such hurry you puff and pant and just hurry. On the way you are stuck in traffic but somehow you take another route and reach. You end up in distress and can’t concentrate on your meeting due to heavy breaths.

In similar situation keep calm and move ahead, you will see the entire situation turning into a pleasant one. You see the pink rose and smell it. The fragrance will cool your tension. Admire the nature’s beauty. Take that rose along with you and give it to a small girl on your way. That smile will give you energy to run thousand miles. Smile at the traffic, believe that everything in happens for a reason. This belief will lead you to greater heights. Reach the office, drink water and proceed. You won’t be awarded a death sentence if you do this. Am I right?


In such smaller confrontations you would see you are happy, that little girl’s smile made you happy. Admiring the nature you are happy. May be not happy at least the smile appears automatically within you. This smile will erase all the frowns inside you.

“Victory doesn’t mean achieving in front of others…But in visible of your own heart”

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