What To Do If Time Is Against You?

A single downfall in life never means that you have fallen forever. It never means that you can’t get up and rise again. It never means that you stop persuading things. And, It never means that you stop living your life the way you used to do.

Isn’t life all about ups and downs?

You may lose something or someone or you yourself may get lost. But gradually with time everything gets back on the track. You always know then that time would heal all those wounds which have now become life threatening and you move on. Isn’t it great that you work in coordination with time and eventually heal- sooner or later?



Think of a situation when a person goes through such a phase that he realizes that what he is going through will always remain a part of his life no matter what. The two are as inseparable as water from milk. He realizes that he had been engulfed in such a trap that he can’t even escape or fight back; there is no way to run away and fighting would lead only to his exhaustibility and nothing else; all his efforts would go in vain. In such a tragic moment what should the person do?

Living with it life long would be depressing, or getting disguised would do nothing but add to the miseries because the truth can’t be escaped. Time would be the apparatus which would on contrary intensify the agonizing pain. For such a person, time would act contrary in consideration of the situation.

The multitude of the pain is hard to wonder and feel and even harder to live. There are many people who are suffering with such pains. You won’t even get to know that the person next to you could be the one.

To rise up through such a situation is yet unexplored. And I’m wondering how is it like and a way to rise above all this.

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