What To Do When Your Life Swings Between Success And Failure?

You know what the best thing about failure is ? It makes you move back to the square one. It makes you go through all the minute details, from initial preparations to the final punch. And somewhere between successes and failures, you need to spread smiles. Yes, spreading smiles. Rather I would say, spreading laughters.


Making someone laugh is probably the most pious and the most difficult thing. Agreed, that a smile on the face brings more smiles, but a laughter; it brings joy. So much so that at a point of time, you travel to the other world, the different dimension. A world where you are the giver, you are the seeker and you, are the preacher; distributing laughters and joy to everyone else. Everyone is jolly in normal times. Staying happy when going gets tough, is a bit difficult. And even difficult is to forget your past, present and future to focus on juat one thing- laughters on the faces in front. Laughter is the best medicine they say, and it definitely is. Not going to the biological details, but one thing it definitely does is venting out your emotions.

And here comes the Pandora’s box, that the mankind has been opening ever since it has existed-we find tears to be the best way to calm us down.

Be it sadness, be it anger or be it extreme happiness, we turn to tears. Reason is – we find it easy. We find it easy to keep thinking of an event and let our emotions be controlled by it. Difficult is to stand up with your emotions, and control the situation. Difficult is- to forget everything else and spread laughters.

So it’s high time that you take the control in your hands. It’s high time for you to choose the difficult path. It’s high time; to spread laughters.

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