Why Defeat Is Good For You?

defeat is good

Everyone would have the cinema theatre experience. We watch the movies sometimes we rejoice and sometime sulk. In other words, every time we must appreciate the team behind the screens rather than any comments we pass on the story line or any other aspect of the movie. Only the cinema industry people know the pains behind every aspect of production of the movie they make.

Life is not a cinema screen to predict the outcome in the way we want but the pre-written diary of fate destined already. To fight against is possible with persistent hard work and nothing else. If you get what you want you are lucky if you don’t get then you must consider yourself luckier than when you get.

Only when you are defeated, you realize the value of self-worth. You know the failures are the stepping stones of success.

So why is your heart reluctant to accept the failure?

Your defeat is not your destruction rather it’s your didactic lesson. This didactic lesson will teach you how not to lose rather win in the next level by evolving the methods you had undertaken earlier.


I had a friend who was a very good table tennis player. In fact she was the best team player ever in our gang. She lost in the second match in the intramural games. She lost hopes to play again. But those hopes were renewed by our teacher who said ‘lost hopes will never heal but put your efforts by not doing what you did last time. Remember “failure is the ladder to the steps of success” ’. She was not completely comforted by what was said. In spite these words were her hopes and she did win her finale.


In another situation, my other friend lost the championship medal for the first time in throw ball. Every time her team and she would bag her medal but this time they lost in their first match. She came crying and rushing into the class which was our Math class. She blamed her team for not co-operating well and couldn’t accept her defeat. That time our Math teacher told, “Don’t worry if you are last in the game but be proud to say you are first from the last”. This boosted not only her but also the whole class. She went to the ground to cheer the other teams and the announcement for the individual school team selection was done. She was selected for the school team despite her defeat in the first match. This teaches us not to blame our surrounding but keep hopes.

So, here I conclude saying that whenever despair, destiny and sadness tear you apart, Boldly turn them into hope, happiness and luck.

So that despair won’t feel hopeless, destiny will be fortunately lucky and sadness will be beautifully broken into slices of happiness. Have this magic inside you because you know your self-worth. Not even the internal factors can break you but the external factors will fear to near you. Be it the broken relationship, or the enemy who defeats you. Your self-worth is your priced possession.


To obtain high levels of self worth love yourself rather than loving anything else. Love is best potion to heal your emotional wounds and the best lotion to cover your insecurities with hopes. Realize you’re importance and how you need yourself first. Believe this your defeat is always good for you to improve your self-worth.

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