You can save yourself
Let me tell you something –
No one is going to gaze at you
so broken, shattered and brutally ruined
no one is going to pick up your fallen pieces from the floor
and assemble them just like they were before
as beautiful as a whole.
you won’t even look into the mirror and think that – I made ruined look elegant
you know why?
because all the writers lied to you.
all those with their scraped poetries of bruised body and marred faces
and romantic lines and blood dripping down their chins
and love that ripped through you like hurricanes
So lets make a plan today
where I will tell you not to romanticize those days where you feel like smashing the mirror or a table
don’t romanticize the guy who doesn’t love you
but stalks you on social media
instead you are going to romanticize –
the first day of spring and the last day of winter
the sunrise and the sunset
sugar and salt kind of love
the gentle touch of your mother’s hand
and the fingers of a friend
who tells you that everything is going to be fine
but no hurricanes
only the sunshine that strengthens you
to make through your worst days.
and don’t trust poets
because we are not good
we love to pretend that life is beautifully selfsame as vibrant rainbow
we pretend that jagged edges tantamount steepest valleys
and we pretend that broken heart is synonymous to a minor cut but in reality –
there is nothing good about trembling body, cigarettes and tequila shots
and empty eyes that stare aimlessly at the walls.
yet there is something beautiful and you know what is that?
the days you look into the mirror
and grin with your scars and maim
you amour yourself with the flaws that make you phenomenal
the music that flows like a river and soothes your soul
books that comfort you
families that gather together like an overgrown bird to protect and warm you
friends that provide strength in adversity
lovers that make you laugh through tears.
baby from today onwards
you are going to romanticize healing ;
the December night that sticks to your figure
the long drives with your mates
the life you’ve been gifted
and the honey dripping down your finger tips.

 Bad news :

No one will save you.

Good news :

You can save yourself !
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